Ideathon : LIVE Discovery event will be held from 16th to 18th of February 2018


Venue: Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode

Shotlisted Candidates
Ideathon - 2017
Over the last 3 years we have been regularly organizing Ideathon every six months and this time we are taking this to a new level by collaborating with IIMK LIVE – a business incubator and entrepreneurship development centre of IIM Kozhikode. The Ideathon event at Kozhikode is titled ‘ LIVE Discovery’ with the theme A key to bring ideas alive. We are looking at a qualitative transformation this time with LIVE Discovery. We are moving to a stage were the final teams will have to demonstrate a Minimum Viable Product. We thank all our collaborators and partners in this journey which has been exceptional and we look forward to your participation for LIVE Discovery event at IIMK.
themes to pick
projects to be awarded

Live Discovery: A Key to bring ideas alive
LIVE Discovery 2017 is a unique 2 month event to foster the spirit of innovation and love for code development by building prototypes around emerging frontiers in technology. Since 2015 this event has turned out to be a major event in Kerala bring in technologists and business leaders on a common platform to showcase the technological breakthroughs and innovations. The event at Kozhikode will be organized by KEY Accelerator and IIM Live in collaboration with the Kerala Start-up Mission, NASSCOM and various Industry partners and other stakeholders. IIMK and IIM Live offers the ideal venue for innovation and creativity with the picturesque beauty of the Western Ghats and the inherent knowledge and thought leadership available in the Campus. LIVE Discovery is a unique platform to bring together highly motivated and tech savvy professionals to contribute and develop unique concepts and is open to people with passion for problem solving and love for technology. An exceptional aspect of LIVE Discovery is that the event will be making a leap from just being a Proof of Concept to building a minimum viable product.

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How to Participate
  • 1. LIVE Discovery is a team competition. Each team shall comprise of 4 members. It is recommended that participants form teams with members with diverse backgrounds, with at least 2 with technology background. Participants can be final year engineering students, technology professionals keen to venture out as entrepreneurs or start-ups who have already established and looking for new opportunities for growth
  • To participate in LIVE Discovery each team must register via Ideathon website
  • A single team can only register once and multiple registrations will not be allowed.
  • Any incomplete registrations shall be deemed as void.
  • Late registrations will not be entertained. Acknowledgement of receipt of the registration will be sent via email.
  • Interested teams will have to submit their proposals with respect to the problem statements they want to solve.
  • Proposals after submission will be screened by an expert group on the basis of feasibility , sustainability, scale of impact and technical viability
  • 18 shortlisted teams will be called for a meeting with Industry experts / Mentors and will be invited for a half day workshop on design thinking
  • Each of the 18 teams will have an industry mentor working with them closely for 30 days to convert their proposals to a minimum viable product. The mentor will be an industry veteran/ Entrepreneur / CEO
  • Each team will have to submit a weekly report to the mentor to show the progress of the prototype
  • 18 teams will be asked to assemble for 3 days for the LIVE Discovery event at IIMK.
  • Teams are required to bring your own PCs (laptops/notebooks), chargers, cables and accessories for the competition of the MVP’s. Last minute request for various accessories will not be allowed. Wifi Connection would be provided at the Campus
  • Post event follow up include the best MVP’s given acceleration support for 6 months and industry mentorship to commercialize the MVP as a fool proof solution
  • Prizes for best MVP’s include access to one of the incubators/ accelerators and access to Government funds under KSUM
Rules and Regulations:
  • You may leave and return to the venue at any time during the event.
  • Always behave in a professional manner, and treat all persons participating in the event with respect and dignity.
  • Keeping in mind the pristine venue for the event, all activities during the event should not cause any damage to the infrastructure and the greenery at the venue
  • Participants needs to abide by all the rules and regulations mandated by the institute and it enforcing agencies
  • We will be providing meals and other nourishments over the course of the weekend. Alcohol drinking and smoking at the venue is strictly prohibited.
  • LIVE Discovery is an environment friendly event and hence request all the team and its members to judiciously use the resources for the event and minimize the wastage.
Choose a Challenge
Problem Statement

1. Insurance as a Service for Healthcare

Problem Statement: Insurance is a key aspect of healthcare service these days. Currently insurance process within hospitals function in a very manual way. When a patient (P) gets admitted, hospital (H) sends the expected bill details to insurance company (IC) and gets a pre approval. Now at the time of discharge, it takes 4-5 hours of sending emails back and forth between H and IC before the settlement comes. And that settlement could be for less amount than originally anticipated which P has to pay from pocket. This irks P and all kinds of scenes happen in premises of H as for Ps the only interface for insurance is H.    Also the final settlement happens a month later and ICs deduct some amount from the original amount. So if the P is notified that ₹X is the final amount, a month later H gets ₹X - Y. So H has to take a hit. If the SaaS platform is available, the P can be notified to pay the remaining amount.

Expected Solution:
 It will be good if there is a SaaS platform integrating ICs, Ps, and Hs so that all people can see the realtime status of the application and stakeholders can interact with each other in realtime to get clarifications and such. Potential Revenue model could be a combination of commission based insurance sales and Hs availing the service based on annual subscription.

3. Agribusiness

Problem Statement: Tea/Coffee production is dependent on climatic conditions, as well as the world output from competitive countries. Given the production and price trends of teas produced in different countries, as well as climatic data (to be sourced from public data), build a solution to predict production and price expected for the year.

Expected Solution:
The application will be provided production and price data, and area under cultivation. Climate data is to be sourced from public data sources. The solution should provide predictions and visualization of the same.

5. Public governance - Sentiment Analysis

Problem Statement: Government and Non Government bodies working in the field of peace, education, health etc face difficulties in collecting up to date and relevant data. However it is noticed that a lot of data can be gleaned from public sources like news articles, social media channels etc.Due to absence of, or the apathy of the official grievance handling mechanism, the information about state of roads in Kerala ( as an example, or cleanliness in Indian Railways or ease of using Aadhaar formalities) is inadequate from official channels. However, a lot of people do write about their experiences online. Trawl the web for relevant feeds, conduct sentiment analysis and visualize the same. Taxonomy needs to be built up.

Expected Solution:
A dashboard showing date-wise and region-wise mapping of sentiments with respect to the topic. Visualization as charts and heat-maps

7. Golf

Problem Statement:To develop an App to calculate the distance from the golf ball to the flag. One of the challenges during a golf game is to calculate the distance from the ball to the flag.  Assessing the right distance will enable the golfer to use the right golf club for each shot. There are a number of devices available in the market, but accurate devices are very expensive.  

Expected Solution:
The participants are expected to develop an App that will take a photograph of the flag from the position of the ball and use the image to estimate the distance from the ball to the flag.

9. Sector: eGovernance

Project : Physical file tracking Government sector is severely handicapped with the missing files simply because those files in archives cannot be traced for the sheer volume and inefficient tracing mechanisms . The idea of this project is to use rfid based (low cost ) solution to tag , trace the physical files by attaching them to physical locations , tagging against an owner and trace their movements  

Expected Output:
A prototype , that is capable of tagging , tracing and an app that is capable of reporting the history of physical movement of the file against time/owner .

11. To develop a web-based platform for colleges to showcase their student's profile.

Problem Statement: Placement officers can use this platform to capture the curricular and extracurricular skills of the students. The platform should have options to capture all the relevant activities of the students like his/her project, his/her role in the project, his/her initiatives etc. Based on the nature of the activities, the platform should categorize the students into various personality types. The placements officers or the students can share their profile to the recruiter when needed.

Expected Product/ Solution:
Participants should come up with an MVP that can be tested by an actual user, a college.

13. Driver drowsiness detection System and an alert System

Problem Statement: Road accidents have been major issue in India with catastrophic impact in terms of death and devastation. Many of the accidents are caused by drivers drowsing off or drivers unable to detect obstacles. The problem statement here is to detect facial features of driver and identify drowsiness and alert driver and also detect obstacle in the field of view and alert the driver if obstacle is getting too close.

Expected Solution:
A Hardware + Software system consisting of a Camera, Processing board, Driver alarm buzzer and image processing software with driver alarm bazar

15. Miniature self-driving car

Problem Statement: Self driving cars are the future of the automobile industry, the problem statement here is to create a miniature self-driving car capable of navigating a given curve.

Expected Solution:
A motion controlled toy car powered electrically + Control system board and sensors.

17. Automated attendance marking system

Problem Statement: Based on face recognition automatically log inside office/ school etc.

Expected Solution:
An Android based interface that recognizes user voice input and pulls up relevant information from a custom database and/or internet resources. Bilingual support for voice input (English & Malayalam)

19. Code bot

Problem Statement: To build a bot which would help with reducing the lead time for application development, Codebot which will help develop components as a service. This platform should allow us to design, build and deploy software applications into the cloud. The applications can range from standard web systems, to a mobile-app, to a multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The design is carried out by building models or application schematic diagrams, which when fed to the bot would produce most of the code required for the application, this is then automatically build and deployed into various environments for testing and validation.

2. Uber Model for Ambulances

Problem Statement: As evident from recent Murugan issue, we need a system supported by technology where there is a proper network of ambulances and hospitals.

Expected Solution:
Uber model for ambulances where ambulance (A) driver declares his availability through an App which will reflect in a centralised console of a call centre (CC). When an accident occurs, anyone should be able to reach the CC through a phone number or through WhatsApp. CC then checks the location of incident and assigns a A to that location. Simultaneously CC alerts nearby hospital and A will be notified about that hospital.

4. Open Data Merging and Analysis

Problem Statement: One of the difficulties of Open data is that data from different sources are usually provided in different formats - for example, in one data set Name is provide as a single Name field; in another it is First name + Last name ; while in a third it is Last name + first name.  Given a set of data for multiple years; identify the data sets pertaining to the same information, merge them, clean up any extraneous or duplicates and store them as a single data set. Use this for reporting and visualization.A taxonomy is to be built for the same.  

Expected Solution:
A UI to allow import of data as XLS, CSV or JSON. Study metadata and merge all similar data. Dashboard for reporting and visualization.

6. Golf Ball Tracking

Problem Statement: To develop a solution to track and retrieve golf balls that are lost during a game of golf. One of the most frustrating aspects of a game of golf is the lost balls. More than 500 million golf balls are lost world-wide. This is one of the reasons that golf is an expensive sport. A bigger problem is the environmental impact. A golf ball is estimated to take 100 – 1000 years to decompose naturally.  And when they do decompose, they release toxins, including heavy metals, into the environment, very often into water bodies.

Expected Solution:
The participants are expected to come out with a solution which will enable the golf balls to be tracked and retrieved. Once the golfer reaches the area where the golf ball is lost, the player should be guided to the ball.

8. Manufacturing

Problem Statement: To generate an exact to scale 2d surface from a 3D image of an object scanned using a mobile phone. We are moving from a mass production paradigm to customized production in manufacturing. At the same time the customers and the manufacturers are separated by vast distances. The proposed solution is for fabricators who creates replica of solid objects using sheet metals. Currently the original object need to be shipped to the fabricator, or someone needs to visit the customer site, to take the measurements. Then a laborious process is followed to fabricate the replica.

Expected Solution:
The applicants are expected to develop an App that scans a solid image and produce a, to scale 2d surface from the image. Attaching a scanning device to the mobile phone and/or communicating with a server application is acceptable.

10. Sector : Social

Project : Person and stall location Imagine going to an exhibition with 5-6 stalls where there is a lot of rush , there are stalls that interest you , and probably people with similar tastes . The idea of this project is to locate stalls , people based on your preferences .

Expected Output:
The expectation is an app that will show you where to go based on your preferences . The project will also involve some form of an internal positioning system .

12. To develop an IoT driven parking lot management system for drivers to check the availability of parking spaces in a parking facility.

Problem Statement: It is very difficult for a person to check the availability of parking spaces in public places like airports, malls, railway stations, tech parks etc., without going there. Most of the times, during the rush hours, people will know about the non-availability of parking spaces after reaching the place and they will have to find a parking space elsewhere. The proposed system will solve this problem by giving people an option to check the availability before going there.

Expected Product/ Solution:
A minimum viable product that can be tested in a small environment.

14. Self-learning simple Robot

Problem Statement: The statement here is to create a self-learning robot that can come back to charging station automatically should be able to move obstacles from its way to charging station and learn the most efficient path.

Expected Product/ Solution:
Assembled H/W of A miniature robot that moves on its own using Camera Vision, along with Control board + Learning software for learning the Path. H/W should have the capability to push away obstacles.

16. Environmental Protection

Problem Statement: Create a solution to take photos of thrown away packing containers (snacks / fast food / Soft drinks etc.), Extract brand name from deformed/ good food packing containers and make a statistical analysis of food brands which contribute more to environmental damage through packing materials

Expected Product/ Solution:
A mobile application (iOS & Android), Cloud back end based on deep learning classifier to detect food brands from images submitted from the mobile app. A dashboard displaying the frequency of brands detected from images.

18. NLP based search

Problem Statement: To allow the user to retrieve the information they are looking for from a custom database or internet by using natural language based search. The system should self-correct and learn based on user acceptance of search results.

Expected Solution:
An Android based interface that recognizes user voice input and pulls up relevant information from a custom database and/or internet resources. Bilingual support for voice input (English & Malayalam)

Ideathon 2017